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Derk van der Veen

Derk van der Veen was born in Dokkum, in the northernmost part of the Netherlands, on February 15, 1972


Derk van der Veen took his conservatory courses in Rotterdam and Zwolle, respectively. During his studies in Zwolle he followed a short study in Prague with Prof. Stepan Rak. After graduating in the Netherlands, he took a specialization course in contemporary music for which he received a scholarship in 1995.


In 1995-1996 he played in the Swiss-Dutch theater group Theatre Espace for which he also composed. In 2002 followed a collaboration with the Swiss theater group Mimescope in which, in collaboration with the University of Geneva, science was brought to the general public through theater. Derk van der Veen has been working at the Centrum voor de Kunsten Sneek, ICO Assen, Dokkum, Akkrum, Grou, Leeuwarden and Warten as a guitar teacher. He was also active as a concert organizer, as a member of the Encuentro Mulititimbre Guitar Quartet, for which he also wrote and arranged music. His compositions are played all over the world.

List of works


Concerto Grosso (baroque orchestra)
Canzon Primo (recorder quartet)
Canzon Secundo (8 recorders & bassoon)
Partita in D (3 recorders & bassoon)


Mychenka Suite (flute, violin, guitar, accordion)
Little Mychenka Suite (chamber orchestra)
Little Mychenka Suite (violin & guitar)
Winterchill in the Hills (from the Mychenka Suite) (bayan & guitar) & (multitimbre guitar quartet)
(bayan & guitar) Score & (multitimbre guitar quartet)
Hora (from the Mychenka Suite) (guitar solo) Score (Mel Bay)
English Suite (chamber orchestra) (flute, violin, guitar, accordion)
2 English Folksongs (from the English Suite) (violin & guitar)
Narodnaja Pesnaja (flute, violin, guitar, accordion) & (violin & guitar)
4 Slavonic Dances (flute, violin, guitar, accordion)
Slavonic Dance no. 2 & 4 (accordion & guitar)
Slavonic Dance no. 2 (violin & guitar)
2 Jiddish Melodies (multitimbre guitar quartet)
Swing for Two (accordion/bayan & guitar)
Swing for One (guitar solo)
English Folksong (guitar solo)
Jiddish Melody (guitar solo)


Sketches at the Seashore (orchestra)


The Eagle Flies Alone (guitar solo) (multitimbre guitar quartet)
Dalton’s Creek (multitimbre guitar quartet)

Contemporary/20th century

Hommage a Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco (violin & guitar)
Chinese Lady in Landscape (multitimbre guitar quartet)


Estrellita (multitimbre guitar quartet)
Sunny (multitimbre guitar quartet)
Lunes Gris (multitimbre guitar quartet)

Pop/Soul etc.

Lonely nights (multitimbre guitar quartet) 2007
Loos'n up (band) 2009
Leavin' it all behind (band) 2009
Johnny (band)
Disco fever (band)
Soultrain (band)
Willow Song (band)


October 4, 2023: Praecepta der Musicalischen Composition
Dutch translation of J.G. Walther's manuscript.

"The Eagle Flies Alone", now on Spotify, Itunes, Deezer, Qobuz

"Baroque & English Music", now on Spotify, Itunes, Deezer, Qobuz

August 7 2023: Publication of Vol.1 Complete Works

January 18 2023: Song for Louis (Vocal Version) YT

November 2022: Publication (IMSLP)

July 2021: Album The Eagle Flies Alone on youtube

April 6 2023: Partita (3 Recorders and Bassoon) YT

November 2022: Publication on Bach

2021 All letters of J.S. Bach (transl. to Dutch)

2020 English Suite for Piano Trio on youtube

January 18 2023: Song for Louis (Hammond) YT

July 2022: Concerto Grosso YT

2021 Canzon Prima for Recorder Quartet on youtube

2015 The Eagle Flies Alone (guitar solo)

2020 Homage to Castelnuovo-Tedesco for violin and piano

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